Welcome to Uplands Independent Hospital

Located on the outskirts of Fareham it is this exquisite Georgian Manor built in 1780 that provides you the setting for Uplands Independent Hospital. Situated in relative seclusion in the middle of its own extensive private gardens, it acts as an echo to the bygone age of asylums when people were sent to rest in houses with extensive grounds to create inner peace and tranquility.

Uplands caters for individuals aged 18-65 who may be informal guests or detained under the Mental Health Act. It is an important provider for such care and a majority of the residents here are people who have been living with serious mental illness most of, if not all of their life.

Often symptoms of the long-term cases that are specialised in prove resistive to treatment, meaning that many complex and varied challenges present themselves in relation to behaviour and we have to structure the care provided to suit an individuals needs.

A professional multi-disciplinary mental health team work closely together to develop the care and treatment plans for each resident. These plans require continual review and close monitoring to assure a high quality service at all times.

A beautiful sunny day graces Uplands
A beautiful sunny day graces Uplands